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No Better Mentor For Rookie Clint Boling Than Andrew Whitworth

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During his press conference on Wednesday, Bengals rookie quarterback Andy Dalton spoke about Clint Boling and how he's taking on a sort of apprentice role with the team's best offensive lineman, Andrew Whitworth. Is there a better player that Boling could develop a friendship/mentorship with?

“The big thing about him is he is trying to do all the right things. He’s surrounded himself with the right guys here and doing whatever it takes for him to know what is going on. I know he is kind of close with Whit (Andrew Whitworth) and he’s making sure he’s doing the little things that are going to help for this Sunday.”

And according to Andrew Whitworth, the last rookie guard to start against the Cleveland Browns was, well, Andrew Whitworth. That game is remembered as being one of the more costly games in recent memory. Richie Braham and David Pollack suffered career-ending injuries and Tab Perry's career as a kickoff returner was never the same after suffering an injured hip. Whitworth got the start due to an injured Levi Jones forcing left guard Eric Steinbach to play left tackle. Not that I'm accidentally rambling into a tangent or anything.