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Bengals And Browns Rookies To Face Off In The Trenches

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Bengals rookie offensive lineman Clint Boling is set to make his first NFL start at right guard in place of the suspended Bobbie Williams. Boling, the Bengals fourth-round pick out of Georgia, will predominantly be going up against fellow rookie, Phillip Taylor. Taylor was the Browns first-round pick. Both rookies have had impressive preseasons, though Taylors size and quickness does present a sense of concern for the Bengals rookie. Both players should be a little familiar with one another as they practiced against each other for a week during the Senior Bowl. Boling had this to say on the match-up, "Obviously he's their first-round pick and he's a huge presence in the middle. he plays hard, is active, and is a big buy." If Boling ends up struggling, the Bengals have the option to have Kyle Cook help out.

Left-tackle Andrew Whitworth, who will be facing a rookie in Browns second-round pick Jabaal Sheard, was the last Bengals rookie to start an opening game at guard. He believes Boling, who will be challenged, should end up playing just fine. When asked about Boling this is what Whitworth had to say,

"I knew a lot about (Boling) before he got here. He's a guy that's not very easily rattled, you can't rattle him...He's a young player, just like that Taylor kid on the other side. They're rookies and they're going to make rookie mistakes. But I think he's going to have a challenge."  

Offensive-line coach, Paul Alexander thinks Sundays game is the beginning of a bright future for Boling. He said, "He has a good sense of football and he's tough. You get a big guy who cares and if they work hard enough they usually end up being pretty good."

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