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Bengals Operated Postgame Show Refusing To Take Calls From Fans

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According to Jim Kiesewetter of the Cincinnati Enquirer, the Cincinnati Bengals, who took over the radio production this year for the Bengals radio network, are "not letting fans call during Alan Cutler's 90-minute network postgame show that the team controls." If you want your thoughts presented on the air within the first 90 minutes after the game, you can email Alan Cutler and he "might" read them.

The Bengals argue that...

..."fans want to hear the players," so more locker room interviews have been added, said Brian Sells, Bengals corporate sales, marketing and broadcasting director.

Let's recap: Bengals fans won't be heard within a 90-minute window following the game while the radio network efforts to bring increased postgame coverage. I have two takes on this.

One. It's hard not to point out that his move by the Bengals doesn't have a motivated theme behind it. Many still reference this offseason as a bad one -- before the lockout lifted, stories were written about the Bengals sweet stadium deal that's (for the lack of a better word) screwing Hamilton County residents, ranked dead last among all professional sports, press conferences with an owner that was more terrifying than Armageddon all the while the team's franchise quarterback demanded a trade. And that was after a season that began with such high expectations translating into a 4-12 season leaving a bitter taste in our mouths.

So if someone wanted to suggest that the Bengals don't want fans gripping about the team on the radio with intensely negative feedback, it would be hard to stand in their way.

On the other hand, I've heard the postgame calls and more often than not, it's the same negative feedback we've heard for the past 20 years. Even when the Bengals did well and won, there were complaints; such as one time that Carson Palmer threw three touchdown passes, but was ripped because his completion percentage for that game was less than 60% (Cincinnati won). I never listen for more than 10 minutes, so increased access to the players and the postgame coverage may keep me tuned in.

That being said, one might (justifiably so) argue that the weight of restricting fans from commenting after the game could weigh against the team than players and coaches saying the same diplomatic responses after the game -- such as "we'll get back to work and get better".

Bengals fans will eventually be allowed to call on the radio during Ken Broo's Bengals Feedback from 5:30-8 p.m.