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Mike Brown Steps Up to Help a Bengals Fan

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Cincinnati Bengals owner Mike Brown gets a ton of bad press. In fact, if the media reports on anything that has to do with Brown, it's never about anything good. It's about Brown's inability to be an effective general manager or about Brown's unwillingness to spend the money necessarily to field a winning team or just about how Brown is the worst person in the history of people.

But every once in a while, a story comes out that portrays Brown in a different light, and we feel, as objective (well as objective as we can be, I guess) bloggers, that it is our duty to share these stories with a larger audience than they often get.

Lance McAlister shared the following story today from Rob Nieman:

Just wanted to pass along a nice story about what the Bengals did for a friend of mine. I recently wrote the Bengals about my friend Jan who is in her second year of remission from Lymphoma, and just a few months ago gave birth to her first baby who was born very premature and is currently in the NICU. In the letter I explained Jan was a big Bengal fan and asked if they could send her something to help raise her spirits. In response I have received an autographed photo from Marvin Lewis, and a nice official NFL football signed by Marvin with a personal note from Troy Blackburn wishing Jan well. I then received a call from Mike Brown's personal secretary telling me Mike was delighted to help Jan out and to expect a package in the mail. Mike sent a very nice personal letter along with 4 tickets (lower level 50 yd line right behind the Bengals bench) and a parking pass for the Bills game on Oct. 2.

The Bengals and Mike Brown likely get thousands of letters a month. Granted, most of them are probably from disgruntled fans. Mike Brown didn't need to send Jan or Rob anything and I'm guessing that when Rob sent a letter to Brown he wasn't really expecting anything in return. It was really nice to see that Brown did something nice to them.

Rob also wrote that he knows that Brown gets a lot of bad press and that the majority of it is deserved. He said that the Bengals often get things wrong "but they really got this one right!!"

We agree.