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The Top Cincinnati Bengals Stories From 2011

As we were marking our goodbyes to the 2011 calendar year, we took the time last week to promote the top ten biggest stories of the year. Our parameters wasn't the result of convoluted science that remains protected behind locked doors, aka the ESPN Total Quarterback Rating. We just picked the top stories of the year that we felt had the greatest impact and reaction from Bengals fans. There's no doubt that the Carson Palmer stories were perhaps the biggest single stories of the year, often dividing fans but also generating the most comments on this website.

We do feel that one story that deserves honorable mention at the very least is the team's inability to sellout Paul Brown Stadium. Only two games were sold out this season (both with respective help), marking six blackouts during the regular season with the only games selling out. That being said, our top ten stories of 2011.

No. 10: Johnathan Joseph signs with the Houston Texans
No. 9: Team trades franchise all-time receiver Chad Ochocinco
No. 8: Bengals mount a comeback and beat the Buffalo Bills
No. 7: Marvin Lewis returns for a ninth season
No. 6: A.J. Green's first career reception beats Cleveland
No. 5: Jerome Simpson federal drug investigation
No. 4: Team hires Jay Gruden at offensive coordinator
No. 3: Bengals draft their future in Andy Dalton and A.J. Green
No. 2: Carson Palmer demands a trade out of Cincinnati
No. 1: Bengals trade Palmer for a high draft picks to Oakland