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Billy Cundiff 42-Yard Field Goal Gives The Ravens A 10-0 Lead Over The Bengals

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The Baltimore Ravens take an early 7-0 lead following Ray Rice’s 70-yard touchdown and all the Cincinnati Bengals offense is able to respond with is a three and out. Kevin Huber punted the football 48 yards to Baltimore’s 22-yard line where the Ravens take over for their second possession of the game.

A handful of Ricky Williams runs resulted in nine yards, leaving a third and one with roughly ten minutes remaining in the first quarter. Joe Flacco fakes the handoff and finds a wide open Dennis Pitta, who carries Adam Jones for nearly 15 yards to complete the 39-yard reception to Cincinnati’s 30-yard line.

A false start and a Domata Peko two-yard loss later, the Ravens eventually set up from Cincinnati’s 32-yard line on third and 12. Flacco, facing heavy pressure, dumps off the football to Torrey Smith over the middle. Billy Cundiff converts the 42-yard field goal to give the Ravens a ten-point lead with 6:45 remaining in the first quarter.