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Bernard Scott's 25-Yard Touchdown Reduces The Bengals Deficit To Seven Points

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The Cincinnati Bengals offense quickly went three and out to open the game’s second half, gaining two yards during the possession before Kevin Huber is forced to punt the football to Baltimore’s 29-yard line. Though the Ravens only picked up a first down, Baltimore eventually is forced to punt that Brandon Johnson partially tipped, giving Cincinnati the football at their own 29-yard line. Both teams exchanged punts before Cincinnati reclaimed possession at Baltimore’s 48-yard line with 5:21 remaining in the third quarter.

Andy Dalton quickly hit Jerome Simpson for a 10-yard gain on a quick hitch route, followed up with a limited three-yard run. On second and seven, Andy Dalton quickly throws the football down the middle where a wide-open Bernard Scott, with no one in front of him, fails to haul in the football that would have led to a touchdown. Jerome Simpson picks up the third down conversion on a 10-yard reception with 4:13 remaining in the third quarter at Baltimore’s 25-yard line.

On first and ten, Bernard Scott takes the football, bounces outside and cuts around a Ryan Whalen block, while shedding an Ed Reed attempted tackle, scoring on a 25-yard touchdown to give Cincinnati something to cheer for. The deficit is down to seven.