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Mike Nugent 46-Yard Field Goal Reduces The Ravens Lead To 17-13

Momentum is shifting at Paul Brown Stadium. Following Bernard Scott’s 25-yard touchdown run, the Bengals defense held the Baltimore Ravens to a three-and-out, capped by a quarterback sack on third down shared between Carlos Dunlap and Michael Johnson.

Cincinnati’s possession was extended on a finger-tip reception by Andrew Hawkins on third and four from Cincinnati’s 46-yard line, picking up five yards and the first down as the third quarter expired.

Eventually the Bengals setup on Baltimore’s 39-yard line on third and one with 13:44 remaining in the game. Dalton hands off to Cedric Benson, who explodes through the line of scrimmage for an 11-yard sprint up the middle. Three consecutive incomplete passes later and Mike Nugent converts the 46-yard field goal, further reducing Baltimore’s lead to 17-13.