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The Cincinnati Bengals Will Select 17th In The 2012 NFL Draft

With the playoff teams largely set, with one game remains on Sunday Night Football between the New York Giants and the Dallas Cowboys, the 2012 NFL Draft order is set amongst non-playoff teams. By sending Carson Palmer out to the Raiders, Cincinnati acquired Oakland's first round selection for the 2012 NFL Draft.

According to our very own SB Nation, the Bengals will select 17th overall for the 2012 NFL Draft. Cincinnati will have a second first round selection later in the draft depending on where they finish in the postseason.

As for whom the team will select, it's premature for now. But the favorites range from the secondary, offensive line and running back.

The Indianapolis Colts out-sucked the St. Louis Rams for first overall, fueling fire to the Andrew Luck sweepstakes that will mind-numbingly debate the benefits of trading Peyton Manning or keeping the Hall of Fame quarterback while Luck develops.

The Cleveland Browns are projected to select fourth overall and the rest of the top ten is really a whose-who in the top ten of every recent NFL draft.