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St. Louis Rams Requesting Permission To Interview Jay Gruden

Cincinnati Bengals offensive coordinator Jay Gruden is rumored as being Jacksonville's first choice for their vacant head coaching position. One report even offered that Gruden spoke to the Jaguars about being interested, but not until the Bengals playoff run was over. On Monday Gruden denied talking to anyone or being aware of any teams interested in the first-year offensive coordinator. However the Jacksonville Jaguars do not appear to be the only team interested.

According to two sources (ESPN 101 in St. Louis and the St. Louis Dispatch), the St. Louis Rams are requesting permission to speak with Jay Gruden for their head coaching vacancy.

Though Jeff Fisher is considered the favorite for the job, the Rams are hardly sitting on their idle hands. According to the St. Louis Dispatch, the Rams are also expected to conduct interviews with Denver Broncos defensive coordinator Dennis Allen with Arizona defensive coordinator Ray Horton having already interviewed.

Fisher is expected to make his decision soon and we suspect that the Rams are asking other coaches to interview to help Fisher expedite his decision.

As the offensive coordinator, Jay Gruden's offense ranked 20th in the league in 2011. However much more impressively is that he did it with a rookie quarterback, rookie wide receiver while implementing an entirely new offense during an NFL lockout that prevented coaches from speaking with players.