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Bengals Round Table: Who Is The Cincinnati Bengals Rookie Of The Year?

We present another "episode" of Bengals Round Table topics on Thursday, ranging from questions such as wondering if the Bengals will break the cycle of a disappointing season following a playoff run to Jay Gruden's comments on Jermaine Gresham's development. But first Jason Garrison and Josh Kirkendall were asked the question, if an award for rookie of the year were handed out to Cincinnati Bengals rookies, who should it be awarded to?

If you were the final vote for Cincinnati Bengals rookie of the year, and your vote awarded the award, who would you select?

Jason Garrison: I would select Andy Dalton. Even though A.J. Green was amazing and much of Dalton's success is due to Green's amazingness, Dalton is the quarterback and the entire team revolves around the quarterback. The quarterback is the team's leader and Dalton played that part well and helped lead the Bengals to the playoffs.

Josh Kirkendall: Only a fool would deny such a solid argument. But as you pointed out, A.J. Green had a lot to do with Dalton's success this year. His athleticism, with scientists wondering if he's the next giant leap in humanity's evolution, got Dalton out of many jams. We've all seen it. Dalton feels pressure, rolls out left and chucks the football down the middle of the field for Green. And Green makes the reception, against double coverage, appear so easy. If not for Green, Dalton doesn't have the season he had without Green bailing him out of sticky situations.

Jason: I understand what you're saying and realistically, I'd have no problem voting either way, but my vote has to go to the quarterback since the quarterback has to read the defense, change plays and takes the majority of the criticism for offensive mistakes. It's got to go to Dalton, in my opinion.
Josh: Plus his composure. Dalton's demeanor and composure, even under the most adverse conditions, often helped Cincinnati during their comeback bids this year. But I guess I would be confident too if I had A.J. "X-Men" Green in his back pocket.
Jason: That's a good point. If I was a quarterback and Mr. Incredible was one of my receivers, I'd feel pretty confident about my chances.

Josh: The better question in this is wondering, who needed who more? Did Dalton need A.J. Green more or vice versa? Ultimately it doesn't matter. All I can remember is Andy Dalton looking like a three-year old when A.J. Green was juggling tennis balls on NBC's pregame show. Instant classic.
Jason: Yeah, his eyes were definitely full of wonder. It was awesome. And to answer your question, I would have to say that Dalton needed Green more. I'm pretty sure that Green is the kind of wide receiver that could make Tim Tebow look like a top-notch passer. BURN!
Josh : If you listen to the ESPN analysts, their heads explode when talking about Tim Tebow's success. Who cares how you get there, as long as you get there.
Jason: Oh, I agree. I applaud what he's been able to do (especially beating the Steelers), I just don't see him having....... stop. We have to stop. I know I started this, but we can't start talking about Tim Tebow. If we do, we're no better than any other sports network. How about them Reds?