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Round Table: 2012 Sellouts And Offensive Rookie Of The Year

Jason and Josh weren't done after two round table conversations on the Bengals Monday. This time they talked about their predictions on Bengals ticket sales for the 2012 season and if Andy Dalton stands a chance at being named the NFL's Offensive Rookie of the Year once the season comes to an end.

Jason: With the success the Bengals had in 2011 and the lowered ticket prices in 2012, do you anticipate a blackout problem next season?

Josh: Only a portion of the tickets are reduced, but I suspect that unless Sherrod Brown single-handedly changes the rule, that we'll still see blackouts next year.

Jason: Really? I don't think we will. The 2011 season was so excited and I think that's what Bengals fans needed. They needed to see a successful product on the field and they needed to see Mike Brown make some kind of effort. I actually would be shocked if the first few home games didn't sell out.

Josh: It doesn't matter what happens on the field. As long as the majority of tickets cost as much as they do and as long as people continue using Mike Brown as their excuse for not coming to the games, it's difficult to see a complete sellout in 2012.

Jason: I believe that if the Bengals start the season off well, say with at least a 3-2 record, they'll sell out the rest of their games for the rest of the season.

Josh: They won nine games this year, claimed a berth in the playoff and set record low attendence records this year. Attendence should up this year, but will there be a couple of games that don't sell out? Yes.

Jason: Cam Newton had an amazing year. Andy Dalton had a good year and took the Bengals to the playoffs. Who wins the Offensive Rookie of the Year and does the amount of wins and the fact that Dalton led the Bengals to the playoffs factor in to the decision?

Josh: Cam Newton wins it, hands down. Wins are great, but Newton put together a season that redefined league records.

Jason: Yeah. Even if they went 1-15 I think Newton wins. He had an amazing season and completely revitalized Steve Smith's career. What's funny is the two great running backs, DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Steward, were kind of forgotten about when they've been the focus of most defenses for the past couple years.