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Report: Miami Dolphins Planning To Interview More Head Coaching Prospects

The Miami Dolphins remain vigilant in their head coaching search with heavy implications regarding Cincinnati's defensive coordinator. Most of the information we've heard and received tends to suggest that Zimmer is a huge favorite for Miami's vacant head coaching position. That being said the Dolphins are planning to interview Denver Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy, according to the Miami Herald.

The Dolphins also might interview one or more additional candidates, with Saints offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael among others who have been discussed internally.

Why in the world is this relevant to Bengals fans, some might wonder. Complete conjecture on our part, but has some relevance. If Mike Zimmer were truly at the top or near the head coaching candidates, convincing Miami's front office that he's the man for the job, why would the Dolphins continue their search? Perhaps Zimmer is Jeff Ireland's backup plan, both of whom worked together for six seasons with the Dallas Cowboys.

Sure. It's a matter of due-diligence from Miami's perspective, assimilating a list of head coaching candidates before making a final decision on which head coach will lead the team into the future. A good move for a team needing a good head coach.

At the same time if the Dolphins were that impressed by Zimmer, wouldn't they have hired him by now?