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2012 NFL Draft: Mock Draft Offers Approaching Trend With Cornerbacks And Running Backs

By the time that we're finished this year's NFL draft, we'll have promoted, reviewed, dissected, spewed and laughed at more mock drafts than what our beady little brains can probably handle. Earlier today Jason wrote on SB Nation's mock draft with Cincinnati selecting Alabama running back Trent Richardson and Nebraska cornerback Alfonzo Dennard -- addressing two positions that are "in need". released a mock draft that featured several of their "experts".

According to their collection of mock drafts, much like SB Nation's latest iteration,'s experts has Cincinnati selecting a cornerback (either Dennard or North Alabama's Janoris Jenkins) or a running back such as Trent Richardson for their 17th pick.

The 21st pick holds a little more variety. Players selected include Virginia Tech running back David Wilson, Wisconsin center Peter Konz and University of Miami running back Lamar Miller, including the players mocked 17th overall.

Truth be told the mock drafts targets areas that the Bengals need to address. One thing is basically certain during the early mock drafts is that the Bengals could be favorites to select a cornerback and running back in the first round.