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Miami Herald: Mike Zimmer "Too Blunt And Honest" For The Miami Dolphins

On Tuesday the Miami Dolphins reduced their head coaching search to three prospects in Green Bay Packers offensive coordinator Joe Philbin, Denver Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy and intern head coach Todd Bowles. The name you notice missing is Cincinnati's defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer, who according to the Miami Herald was "too blunt and honest for the Dolphins' liking."

In a combined report by Barry Jackson and Armando Salguero, the article reads:

The Dolphins liked Zimmer’s rèsumè, and he and general manager Jeff Ireland have a good relationship. But one source said he might have been too blunt and honest for the Dolphins’ liking. Zimmer can be outspoken at times, including calling former Falcons coach Bobby Petrino a "gutless b--tard" for leaving the job without telling any of his assistants.

Apparently the Dolphins brass decided homework was an unnecessary aspect for researching one's coaching prospects -- perhaps that's why they're looking for their seventh head coach since 2005 (including two intern head coaches due to mid-season firings). And apparently plain-spoken honesty isn't something Miami's brass cares for.

If that's the case then we're happy Zimmer isn't being considered -- we actually like and deeply respect him. We'd hate for him to go to a team that would end up firing him within three seasons anyway.

Zimmer is still a candidate for the job in Tampa Bay.