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Chris Henry Estate Sues Chris Henry's Fiancee

For Bengals fans, it was a where were you moment. News surfaced that Bengals wide receiver Chris Henry suffered major injuries on a mid-December evening and by the next morning, Henry had died. The NFL mourned with the Cincinnati Bengals as one of their own had fallen. The circumstances of his death were always troublesome with reports suggesting that Henry was thrown from the bed of a pickup truck that his fiancee was driving, suffering massive head injuries that he simply couldn't recover from.

Two years later, along with a crusade by his mother talking about the benefits of organ donation, Henry has saved (or least helped) lives. Yet the story took a turn on Thursday according to the Cincinnati Enquirer:

The estate of former Bengal Chris Henry filed a wrong death lawsuit in North Carolina, accusing Henry’s fiancee of wrongful death for driving negligently and causing his 2009 death.

The suit was filed against Loleini Tonga ,and her mother, Ofa Tonga.

According to the report, the suit is designed to acquire money from the auto insurance companies of "Loleini Tonga, Ofa Tonga and Henry," who Charles G. Monnett III (the lawyer that filed the suit) claimed had "underinsured auto insurance coverage that could be collected."

However Henry's fiance could still be found civilly liable, according to Monnett.

The suit alleges Tonga continued to drive negligently, refusing to stop even after Henry stood up, used his fist to pound on the truck cab’s rear window and yelled for her to stop.