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The Monday Touchdown: Super Bowl Set For Giants-Patriots Rematch

The Bengals have been out of the playoffs for two weeks now but so far the playoffs have been entertaining enough to stop the full blown depression from setting in. The Super Bowl is set for a rematch between the Giants and Patriots, two teams that gave us one of the most exciting super bowls in recent history.

Here are some thoughts on this past weekend's games.

Point One: Vince Wilfork

Patriots defensive tackle Vince Wilfork was an absolute beast against the Ravens on Sunday in the AFC Championship game. He totally deserved a spot in the pro bowl for what he's done this season. Having said that, I'm happy that Wilfork is going to the super bowl because it opens up a spot for Geno Atkins in the pro bowl.

Point Two: The 49ers need more than Davis

Vernon Davis may be the fastest tight end in the NFL because the guy flat out speeds past some cornerbacks and safeties and he cannot be covered by linebackers. However, when he's the only receiver that can get open and catch passes, he's not going to do much because you can double or triple team him.

If the Niners had better receivers, they would be much better.

Point Three: Special teams can really kill you or really help you

Billy Cundiff couldn't make a 32-yard field goal that could have sent the Ravens into overtime against the Patriots. They lost due to special teams. Giants kicker Lawrence Tynes put a 31-yard field goal through the uprights in overtime which sent New York to the Super Bowl.

Special teams can be a killer.

Point Four: Rob Gronkowski

Even though Rob Gronkowski left the game and was in a boot after the Patriots won, New England needs Gronk on offense. Tom Brady relied on him heavily throughout the season and Gronkowski came through for them, setting new tight end records.

If Gronkowski doesn't play, I don't like the Patriots' chances as much as I would with him in.

Point Five: Which game was better?

Conference championship Sunday is by far my favorite day of the season because the games are usually so good, and yesterday the NFL did not fail to deliver. One game went to overtime and the other game almost went to overtime. So which game was better? Both could have gone either way, but I'm going to have to go with the Giants-49ers as the more entertaining game.

Point Six: Pro Bowl

With four Bengals players in the Pro Bowl this year, I will definitely watch the game and this time, I'll actually pay attention. It should be fun watching Andy Dalton, Geno Atkins, Jermaine Gresham and A.J. Green represent the Bengals on Sunday.

Extra Point: Who's going to win?

I didn't give the New York Giants a shot in hell to beat the Patriots in Super Bowl XLII but they proved me wrong in one of the best games I've ever seen. If I had to put money down on a team now, I'd go with the Patriots again and again, I don't give the Giants much of a chance.

But, they've proved me wrong once and I'm sure they can do it again.

Who is your early pick to win Super Bowl XLVI?