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A "Few Sightings" Of Bengals Defensive Coordinator Mike Zimmer At Senior Bowl Practices

On Monday it was originally reported that there were "no signs" that Mike Zimmer was in Mobile, Alabama with Cincinnati's coaching staff for practices leading up to the annual Senior Bowl. Either Zimmer arrived late or he was hiding all along because Geoff Hobson with the Mothership wrote that there were indeed sightings:

There were a few sightings of Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer in Mobile, Ala., at the Senior Bowl on Monday, but no eyewitness accounts as he waits to hear from the Buccaneers on their head coaching job. ESPN reported that former Packers head coach Mike Sherman is the first Tampa Bay candidate to get a second interview.

Though it was seem like a minor thing whether the team's defensive coordinator was in Alabama, keep in mind that the Senior Bowl is a golden scouting opportunity for many players that could head to the NFL through the NFL Draft -- though reports tend to suggest that the talent level at this year's Senior Bowl isn't that great.