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Jack Del Rio "Emerging" As A Candidate For Defensive Coordinator In Denver

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Widely believed that if the Cincinnati Bengals lose Mike Zimmer to Tampa Bay, defensive backs coach Kevin Coyle and former Jaguars head coach Jack Del Rio would be the prime candidates for the team's defensive coordinator position. Yet by the time Tampa Bay makes a decision, there's a chance that neither will be available. Coyle is currently interviewing for Miami's defensive coordinator position on Wednesday and according to NFL Network Insider Jason La Canfora, Del Rio "has emerged as a possible replacement for Denver Broncos defensive coordinator Dennis Allen, according to league source."

In truth the discussion is only predicated on Zimmer leaving for a head coaching position, opening a void at defensive coordinator. Currently only one finalist for the head coaching vacancy in Tampa Bay has been announced with former Packers and Texas A&M head coach Mike Sherman, currently interviewing for a second time.

There is a ton of speculation that Panthers offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski is also a finalist, but that has yet to be confirmed. However there is mounting frustration from Carolina head coach Ron Rivera for how much his own coach is being held at ransom, causing delays with own plans.

"Believe me, I'd love to know just so we can go forward," Rivera said. "We've got a lot of things we have to do and we've kind of put (them) off during this whole period."