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Senior Bowl, Day Three: Bengals Consultant John Cooper Speaks With Shane Hallam

When recapping the Bengals activity at the Senior Bowl on Tuesday, we looked toward Shane Hallam of to get a rundown of all of the players that the Bengals staff spoke to. Shane is quickly becoming a great Twitter follow this offseason (@ShanePHallam), as he's become a good resource to get a glimpse of the mindset of certain teams in Mobile.

Shane tweeted today that he spoke with former Ohio State University Head Coach and current Bengals scouting consultant, John Cooper. They exchanged thoughts on some prospects, especially about the running back position since that seems to be the hot topic surrounding the Bengals this offseason.

Myself and @rookiedraft talking prospects with former #OhioState coach J. Cooper who is consulting for the #Bengals 1 hour ago via txt · powered by @socialditto

Cooper likes #BoiseState RB Doug Martin, but doesnt think #Bengals pull the trigger in the 2nd round #seniorbowl 1 hour ago via txt · powered by @socialditto

Cooper slightly insinuated Martin wont be taken by them due to "2 first round picks. can i speculate they take a RB in 1st? #seniorbowl 1 hour ago via txt · powered by @socialditto

Cooper and Hallam also touched on a couple of Ohio State prospects, including offensive tackle Mike Adams and wide receiver DeVier Posey. It was an interesting exchange between the two, it would seem.

While Cooper isn't going to divulge the exact Bengal draft plans to Hallam, there probably is some truth to what Cooper is saying. It sounds like they like Doug Martin, but not as a first round prospect. They'd likely think about him in the second, though Cooper sounds as if he thinks Martin won't be there when the Bengals pick late in the second round.

Reading between the lines from Cooper, it sounds as if we Bengals fans may want to start expecting the team to look at a running back in the first.