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2012 NFL Pro Bowl: Andy Dalton On Being In Hawaii With Teammates

There are four Bengals players in Hawaii right now practicing to play in the Pro Bowl. It's the first time since 2005 since there have been four Bengals players in the Pro Bowl and considering that two of those players are rookies and the other two are second-year players, it's clear to see that the future of the Bengals has the potential to be exciting.

Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton and Cam Newton make their Pro Bowl debuts and mark the first time that two rookie quarterbacks will be featured in the Pro Bowl's history. Dalton is thankful to be in Hawaii and believes that the Bengals have a bright future based on how many of his teammates are there with him.

"A year ago I was in Mobile, Ala., in the Senior Bowl trying to impress scouts. A year later, I'm sitting here in Hawaii at the Pro Bowl," he said. "A lot has happened and I just feel blessed to be where I am."

"Trying to get to the playoffs is all I was worried about. With that, I was able to get here," he said. "I feel blessed. The Lord has given me so much and it's been a big year and this is a great way to kind of end it."

Dalton also says that it's a sign of the "young talent" that the Bengals are packed with. Aside from Dalton and A.J. Green, second-year players defensive Tackle Geno Atkins and tight end Jermaine Gresham are also representing the AFC in the Pro Bowl in Hawaii this Sunday.

"For us to be here with four guys in their first, second year, it shows the kind of young talent we have," Dalton said. "I think all four of us here, just to be around these guys that have been to the Pro Bowl a lot, it's great for us and gives us a little exposure and we can build upon this."

Watching the Pro Bowl should be fun for a change and I'm excited at the prospect that these four young players could learn from some of the best players at their positions and bring those lessons home to the Bengals for the next season.