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A Returning Mike Zimmer Says "We Can't Be Satisfied With Being Just A Pretty Good Defense"

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Now that the head coaching storyline is over for Mike Zimmer, Cincinnati's defensive coordinator can finally get back to doing what he does best. Beat writers Geoff Hobson with and Joe Reedy with the Cincinnati Enquirer obtained a few good quotes from Zimmer, who appeared to quickly deflect questions about the head coaching search, settling back into his role as Cincinnati's defensive coordinator.

About this year's defense:

"We can’t be satisfied with being just a pretty good defense," said Zimmer Thursday as he heads into his fifth season. "We played the run well earlier in the year, but we had trouble with it late. But it was more than just that."

Zimmer continues:

"We have to upgrade at all the positions because the goal is to be much better," Zimmer said. "There are several things that we did well but we’re not where we need to be."

More about the offseason.

"We have to make some decisions on what we want to do there and we’re waiting to see what happens with Kevin," Zimmer said. "We’re pretty solid up front. We’ve got some pieces. But we’ve got to play better all over."

Yep. Zimmer is back.