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Bengals Draft 2012: Michael Floyd Scouting Report

Name: Michael Floyd

Position: WR

School: Notre Dame

Class: Senior

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 225 lbs

Scouted By: Joe Goodberry

Speed, Quickness/Acceleration: Floyd doesn't have elite top-end speed but he does have the ability to get deep. I would consider him more quick than he is fast. One of his best attributes is his quickness and burst off the line of scrimmage. Floyd accelerates to his top speed quickly and gets on the toes of the CB very early in his route. As far as a 2nd gear, Floyd doesn't display it on deep balls. He looks much faster with the ball in his hands. I suspect he plays faster than he's going to time at the combine.

Agility, Change-of-Direction: When it's needed, Floyd can plant one foot and make hard cuts to elude defenders in open space or to gain slight separation in his routes. Surprisingly agile for a big receiver. Really shows this aspect of his game on slants, comebacks and out-routes.

Strength: Obviously Floyd is a big man, but he also runs with a mental toughness. He's always looking for extra yards and will put his head down and fight for it. He shows his strong hands when he's getting hit while still maintaining control of the ball and completing the catch. Floyd has made a living going over the middle at Notre Dame. He's a thickly built WR who may be maxed out already.

Ball Skills: Floyd has a wide catch radius. He shows the ability to get a hand on any ball in his area. Floyd can turn, locate and attack the ball. He always times his jumps well and can catch the ball at its highest point. Floyd routinely had to adjust to poorly thrown balls. When you see Floyd jump, turn, and reach back for a ball in mid-air, that shows the type of rare athlete he is and his exceptional balk skills make him the receiver he is.

Hands, Ball Security: Floyd has average hands. While he has the ability to make circus catches, he often looks to make a crazy one-handed catch instead of make the sure grab. Far too often he let's the ball get into his body. Especially on slants and crossing routes where ball security is most important, Floyd must learn to always catch with his hands and away from his body and defenders. Has had his share of drops over his ND career.

Awareness: Floyd is a go-to 3rd down WR. He runs his routes further than the marker or routinely makes the first guy miss in order to gain the yardage needed. He can lose track of himself and his field position on deep balls as he looks back for the ball and fights off the CB.

Run After Catch: Another one if Floyd's defining attributes. He has elite instincts and vision for a WR when it comes to gaining yardage after catch. He turns and explodes upfield after quickly securing the ball. Notre Dame routinely use Floyd on crossing/drag routes and bubble screens to get the ball in his hands with room to run. Hard, strong, tough runner who always falls forward.

Route Running: Quick off line, shows agility and burst to beat press coverage but does allow CBs to get their hands on him and redirect hos routes and throw off timing. Floyd runs a good slant and comeback route. Very little wasted motion and steps to slow down for cuts. Does start to lean and tip his routes as the game wears on. Floyd could learn to use his hands better to fight off CBs and learn the finer points of route running that will allow him to gain more separation.

Final Analysis: Michael Floyd has many natural physical skills that it takes to make him a top-20 pick in the draft. I think his 40-time will knock him a little. I think Floyd will only be a solid #1 WR in the NFL or a great complimentary #2 WR. His speed limitations and hands will hurt his numbers but he can be used in a number of ways and will get better with NFL experience. If a team uses him the way ND did, you could see similar numbers on his prime. (87 rec, 1066 yards, 12.3 YPC, 10 TDs average over last two seasons)

Off The Field Concerns: Floyd received a citation for drunken driving on March 21, 2011.

Academic/Team Honors: Team Captain (2010); Holds many ND receiving records.

Draft Projection: Top 25 in First round

Player Comparison: Dwayne Bowe