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Whitworth: Bengals Not Intimidated to Play on the Road

One of the things that the Bengals have traditionally struggled with as a team is playing well on the road. In this surprising season of 2011, perhaps the most surprising statistic about the squad is that they are actually better on the road than they are at home. Posting a winning away record of 5-3 (4-4 at home) is a feat that should not be overlooked.

Offensive lineman and team captain, Andrew Whitworth, attributes the team's success on the road to not being intimidated. He also thinks it's due to other teams overlooking the Bengals, expecting them to play poorly on the road because, well they're the Bengals.

"We're the little one most people count out and we come swinging," he said. "That helps you win on the road. If you have that mentality you are not worried about the crowd you are not worried about how good the team is; you are not intimidated."

An interesting and smart attitude to have when going into the playoffs as a sixth seed. First, the chances are that if the Bengals end up winning and advancing through the brackets, they'll have to do so on the road. Second, it's good to know that this team still has a chip on its shoulders, despite the moderate success of the 2011 season thus far.

Saturday's game in Houston could be excessively loud, as it is the Texans' first appearance in the postseason as an NFL franchise. Confidence and composure will be key, so we'll see if the Bengals can back up Whitworth's words.