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Final Power Rankings Of The Regular Season Puts Cincinnati Around 10th

It's with great sadness that the final Power Rankings for the regular season are completed. It marks two things. Football is now entering its Red Giant phase of the season, while expanding with their fury that only the NFL knows in the postseason, it's also the stage in a star's life just before death. As our Westeros friends tell us repeatedly, "Winter is coming."

Before the season started, it wasn't surprising to see the Bengals ranked in national power rankings with a double-digit placement and a three preceding either the zero, one or two. Seventeen weeks and sixteen games later, the Bengals were no worse than 11th. It's a season the Bengals and their fans (aka, us) can be proud of -- complacent with satisfaction? No. We want wins now. But looking back right now. Yea, damn fine job gentleman.

Power Rankings Placement LW
SB Nation 10th 8th
ESPN's Power Rankings 11th 10th
Pete Prisco ( 11th 11th 11th 10th
Pro Football Talk 10th 8th
Brian Billick (FoxSports) N/A 10th
Your Heart 1st 1st