C'mon man!!!  Really??

Hate to be negative at this glorious time of celebration but I read the following on Time Warner's Roadrunner website (whole article found here - 'Bengal's Dalton misses practice with flu' link):

"The Bengals (9-7) will be trying to get their first playoff win since the 1990 season when they play the Texans. Reliant Stadium has a retractable roof, so weather won't be an issue. The challenge is to stay healthy until then.

The temperature was 22 with a wind chill of 14 degrees when they hit the field on Tuesday. On Tuesday night, rookie receiver A.J. Green from Georgia tweeted: "It was so cold at practice today ... I couldn't feel my toes."

Not a whole lot better on Wednesday, with a temperature of 35 degrees and a wind chill of 27 when practice ended. Players wore hoods under their helmets to try to stay warm.

Asked if it was the coldest weather he'd ever had for practice, Green said, "Oh yeah, definitely, by far. By far."

Temperatures in the 40s are forecast for Thursday's practice.

The Bengals are the only northern team without their own covered practice field either in use or under construction. They have the right under their stadium lease to cover one of their adjacent practice fields, but would have to pay for it.

The University of Cincinnati approached the NFL team about jointly building a bubble-covered field when Brian Kelly was football coach, but the Bengals declined. The university then built a practice field with a removable bubble on campus. The Bengals could rent the bubble for four hours at a standard rate of $2,500, but decided against it.

"The coaches determined there was not sufficient reason for us to get out of our regular element this week," club spokesman Jack Brennan said."

This sh*t really irks me to no end. Why subject your players to these conditions especially when you are playing your next game in a dome? Why o' why Mikey? Are you that cheap you won't rent the bubble for a day or two?

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