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Bengals Take A 10-7 Lead On Mike Nugent's 37-Yard Field Goal

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Save for one scoring drive by the Houston Texans, tying the game at seven in the first quarter, the Bengals defense has held the Texans offense to three punts amounting to 10 plays for 32 yards and one touchdown. Cincinnati on the other hand has registered three possessions on offense, recording seven first downs, a touchdown and a failed field goal conversion.

With 11:24 remaining in the second quarter, Dalton started Cincinnati's fourth possession by negating the ol' Jay Gruden tendency running on first down with a quick pass to wide receiver Andrew Hawkins for eight yards. After Marvin Lewis challenged Cedric Benson's two-yard run believed to gain a first down, Andy Dalton picked up the first down on a quarterback sneak to Houston's 31-yard line.

On the very next play, Dalton finds Donald Lee, who breaks tackles in the secondary, picking up 36 yards towards the right sidelines. Houston was called for a personal foul, pushing Cincinnati's offense to Houston's 20-yard line.

Cincinnati's possession would eventually stall on Houston's 19-yard line, forcing Mike Nugent to convert a 37-yard field goal to give Cincinnati a 10-7 lead.