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Bengals Vs. Texans: Second-Half Open Thread

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The Bengals went into the locker room trailing the Texans by a score of 17-10 at halftime. The Texans, thanks to a freak pick six by J.J. Watt, have all the momentum, but the Bengals get the ball back first in the second half. They need to do something with it.

The Texans are fired up and so are their fans. If the Bengals can score quickly, they can stay right in this game, but if they can't this game can get out of hand quickly. They still have plenty of time to win their first playoff game in over 20 years as long as they come out firing on all cylinders in the second half.

Hey, this is the Bengals. They've been a second-half team all year. Here's your open thread.