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Five Stages of Grief for Bengals Fans: Denial

There's no way that we just got destroyed by the Houston Texans in the playoffs. That's impossible. The Bengals have a solid defense and they played so well against the run in Week 14. Rey Maualuga was a beast. This can't be happening.

You know what? I bet that this was a really long and weird dream. I bet when I open my eyes it will be Saturday morning and the Bengals will be warming up and things will be different. I bet they'll win and then one day I'll tell my friends about how I had this terrible dream and we'll all laugh about it while we celebrate a playoff victory.

This has to be a dream. I mean there's no way that Chris Crocker can play that bad. There's no way that Cedric Benson can run seven times for only 14 yards. There's no way that J.J. Watt can intercept a pass that close to Andy Dalton and run it back for a touchdown. There's no way that Andre Johnson makes Adam Jones look like a child on a long touchdown catch. There's no way that Arian Foster has a huge game against a good defense.

Right? I mean those things happen sometimes, but not all of them at once. That's impossible. It better be impossible. Hopefully my alarm clock goes off soon so I can wake up. I'm sure when I do, everything will be fine.