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Bengals Request One-Week Exemption On Dontay Moch

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The Cincinnati Bengals announced Monday afternoon that they have requested a one-week roster exemption for Dontay Moch, whose suspension expired Monday morning. Moch was suspended four games during the offseason for testing positive with a banned substance.

Cincinnati's request makes sense but it's also more procedural than anything, taking advantage of a system that allows breathing room to make a decision later. If granted, the Bengals have time to get Moch prepared without counting against the 53-man roster, using this week preparing him back into football shape, relearning the system and anything else that may require some time for his return.

In 2010 Antwan Odom returned from a four-game suspension with a roster exemption, but the Bengals only had 51 players on the 53-man roster at the time.

It's also important to note that the Bengals can't play Moch until they officially place him back on the 53-man roster, meaning someone has to go.

The team expects a response later on Monday.