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Bengals Cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick Tells Enquirer That He's Cleared To Practice

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Cincinnati Bengals corneback Dre Kirkpatrick tells Kevin Kelly with the Cincinnati Enquirer that he's been cleared to practice. And though he didn't say "no" when asked if he's playing against the Miami Dolphins, he didn't sound confident about taking the field.

"I’m coming back on the field but that doesn't mean I’m going to be playing," said Kirkpatrick, who has been rehabbing a knee injury. "This is a process. We’re still taking it day by day….My legs, they feel healthy. It’s just all about the stamina – if I’m going to withstand the game and the practice.

"The playbook is no problem. I’ve learned the playbook. It’s just going to be totally different when you go out there."

This is similar to the company line that Marvin Lewis gave previously that Kirkpatrick will need time to prepare. Despite a handful of practices (that you could count on one hand), the rookie cornerback has spent most of his time watching practices and rehabilitation work on the side.