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Dontay Moch Begins Routine After Four Game Suspension

Cincinnati Bengals defensive end/linebacker arrived at Paul Brown Stadium on Sunday, the first time since his suspension began just prior to the regular season opener against the Baltimore Ravens. Moch hasn't been sitting idle for the past month.

The third-year defensive player told the Cincinnati Enquirer that during his four-game suspension, he worked out at Ignition Sports, a popular hub for Cincinnati Bengals players during the offseason. Additionally spent time getting to know himself better and studying the defensive playbook.

"It’s definitely been tough getting going," Moch said. "My start hasn’t been great going but I feel like God doesn’t have anything in my course that I can’t take. With that little time down I just took that time to get to know myself better, the playbook and how I could contribute to the team more."

Once Moch is activated onto the 53-man roster, the Bengals will be forced to open a spot on the 53-man roster. Options on whom that could be include DE Wallace Gilberry, LB Roddrick Muckelroy, or even cornerback Chris Lewis-Harris, promoted last week onto the 53-man roster due to injuries with Leon Hall, Nate Clements and Jason Allen. It's entirely possible that Hall and Clements return as early as this week, reducing the need to have the rookie cornerback on the 53.

Wide receiver Ryan Whalen is another option, who hasn't been active yet this season and as this rate, barring an injury, he probably won't be.