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NFL Week Six Power Rankings: Backing Themselves Into The Middle of the Pack

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All it takes is one bad loss and the Bengals are back to the middle of the pack. That's the fragile world of NFL power rankings.

Ouch. Cincinnati's 17-13 loss generated substantially more questions on why the Bengals lost at home to a 1-3 team than how the rising Dolphins beat a 3-1 team tied for the lead in the AFC North during this week's power rankings. Of the rankings we monitor weekly the average ranking is No. 14, roughly a three-position drop from last week.

SB Nation 13 10 17 13
CBS Sports (Pete Prisco) 11 6
ESPN 15 12
Fox Sports (Brian Billick) 13 8
Pro Football Talk 16 13
Pro Football Weekly 16 14
Associated Press 14 12
AVG. 14.4 11.0