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Nate Clements Talks About Transition From Cornerback To Safety

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Bengals cornerback Nate Clements is making the transition from cornerback to safety.

Cincinnati Bengals defensive back Nate Clements is progressing as a full-fledged starting strong safety, evident by the 64 snaps he participated during Cincinnati's 17-13 loss to the Dolphins last Sunday. Jeromy Miles posted only one defensive snap and Taylor Mays didn't play a lick on defense -- Crocker participated during only three snaps. Terence Newman, replacing Clements at cornerback, took part in every defensive snap last week.

When asked about his transition from cornerback to safety, Clements told Kevin Kelly with the Cincinnati Enquirer.

"It has been, I wouldn’t say big, but it’s definitely been a transition and an adjustment looking at it from a different view, seeing the whole field and also just learning in the ins and outs at that position. I pretty much know the defense, but just knowing the little ins and outs at that position."

Clements has generated at least eight tackles in the previous three games he's played, including last week against the Miami Dolphins where he was also credited with a forced fumble and pass defensed.