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Jason Allen Returns To Practice While Terence Newman Works On The Side

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For once we'd like to see every Bengals cornerback practice during the same session. On Wednesday Jason Allen took to the field for the first time in five practices whereas Terence Newman works out on the side.

Jamie Sabau - Getty Images

Swap one cornerback for another. Bengals cornerback Terence Newman is sitting during this week's opening practice on Wednesday, as Cincinnati installs their gameplan for the Cleveland Browns this Sunday. Newman hadn't shown up on the previous two practice reports against the Jaguars and Dolphins, so either he suffered an "owey" against the Dolphins, dealing with soreness or being given a veterans day of rest (not uncommon for older players). Either way he's working out on the side.

On the other hand cornerback Jason Allen returned to practice on Wednesday, after sitting out five consecutive sessions and two games.

Cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick is practicing, but remains unlikely to play this weekend and next against the Pittsburgh Steelers. However there's a high probability that he'll return after the October 28 bye week.