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Cincy Jungle Caper Give Away: Win Two Free Tickets Against The Steelers On SNF

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We're at it again, giving away two tickets to the next Cincinnati Bengals home game.

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We announced it on our Twitter and Facebook page Wednesday night. And if you're completely unaware then shame on you for not following us. We are running a new trivia today, giving away two free tickets to the next Cincinnati Bengals home game. In the familiar decibels of one Jim Rome, it's going to be epic. The Bengals are hosting the Pittsburgh Steelers on October 21, a Sunday Night Football game.

However we're ditching the Who Am I trivia. It was too easy and those that guessed correctly simply threw a name against the wall winning the contest. We're going to make it a little harder on you, somewhat of a thinker.

Here's how the trivia works. You will be presented with a set of clues. Each clue is a mini-trivia in of itself that will greatly assist you on your endeavor for the correct answer. When you get all of the clues answered correctly, then you will have what you need to answer the trivia correctly.

Once you know the answer, submit it First correct answer that we receive, wins. And remember. One submission per email address.

Here we go:

Step one: add together the uniform numbers of every overall #1 pick by the Bengals (not all first round picks, just the overall #1 draft pick. Andrew Luck was the overall #1 pick of the 2012 draft.)

Step two: subtract the overall draft position of the Bengal with the only perfect score on the Wonderlic test. (hint: he only played for the Bengals)

Step three: subtract the round that the Bengals took the player with the fourth most career sacks for the Bengals.

That will leave you a number that corresponds to a current players jersey number. To win the tickets you need to tell who the player is and what do they have in common with former Bengal Clem Turner.

[Trivia courtesy Todd Calaway and Bill Bailey]