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Early Talk Of Bengals Wide Receiver A.J. Green Being An MVP Candidate

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The Cincinnati Bengals have a special wide receiver who is putting together a special sophomore season.

Dale Zanine-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Bengals wide receiver A.J. Green has already earned AFC Offensive Player of the Month for September, currently on pace for 1,577 yards receiving on 115 receptions and nearly 13 touchdowns through five games. As a result while dictating his early NFL Most Valuable Player of the Year candidates, Green was one listed on Gregg Rosenthal's forecast.

Green defines value. The Bengals' offense isn't very good, and it might be among the NFL's worst if not for Green. He has made strides in his second season and already could be the best receiver in the league.

Green currently accounts for 29 percent of the team's total touchdowns and 40 percent of those thrown through the air. Of the team's 1,855 yards for total offense, Green has 493 yards which translates to 26.6 percent. So saying without Green the Bengals could be among the NFL's worst isn't a stretch.