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NFL "Experts" Split On Cincinnati Bengals And Cleveland Browns

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The NFL experts chime in with their NFL picks this weekend.

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The entire ESPN crew of analysts and Insiders picked the Bengals over the Browns, save for NFL insiders Chris Mortensen and Adam Schefter and former head coach Mike Ditka, probably disgruntled that the Bengals turned him down for the reasonable "trade nine draft picks for an overvalued running back" idea. Akili Smith > Entire team's draft class.

The gang was a little more divided, with eight splitting their vote four-to-four and the NFL Network's Game Day cast all picked Cincinnati.

SB Nation called it an upset. We'd be more upset but it's tradition from around the league to pick winless teams over the Bengals as upset specials, despite the fact Cincinnati has won 13 out of 16 against the Browns. Perhaps someone watched A Football Life the other day with a sense of sentimentality. I love that show.

Peter King with Sports Illustrated gave the Cincinnati Bengals a nine-point advantage over the Browns. Mike Silver and Jason Cole picked the Browns over the Bengals, with the lone vote for Cincinnati at Yahoo! Sports coming from Les Carpenter. Brian Billick with Fox Sports picks the Cincinnati Bengals over Cleveland, giving props to defensive tackle Geno Atkins.

Brandon Weeden is averaging 43 dropbacks in the Browns' last three games, and if he attempts that many throws against the Bengals, I can assure you he will get to know Geno Atkins fairly well throughout the duration of the game. Atkins is tied for third in the NFL with six sacks and is tied for the lead with the most sacks as a defensive tackle since entering the league in 2010. The Browns need to let Trent Richardson be the workhorse to keep Atkins guessing.