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Bengals Offense Against The Browns 26th-Ranked Rushing Defense

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One of the more visually intense properties for Sunday's game between the Bengals and Browns is Cleveland's 26th-ranked rushing defense. Of the five games they've played this season, the Browns have allowed over 100 yards rushing to four teams, including 243 yards rushing to the New York Giants last weekend -- Browns linebacker D'Qwell Jackson left with a second quarter concussion.

The one team that didn't post 100 yards rushing? The Cincinnati Bengals in Week Two. BenJarvus Green-Ellis led all Bengals players with 21 carries for 75 yards rushing. Andy Dalton (three carries, four yards) and Cedric Peerman (one carry, one yard) rounded out the participation of Cincinnati's mediocre rushing offense.

During three of the Browns first five games, they've allowed only two one-hundred yard rushers in LeSean McCoy (110 yards, Week One) and Ahmad Bradshaw (200 yards, Week Five). Bills running back Tashard Choice also gained 91 yards during Buffalo's 24-14 Week Two win over the Browns.

The Cincinnati Bengals on the other hand have only surpassed 100 yards rushing twice in five games this year. Week One against the Baltimore Ravens, during BenJarvus Green-Ellis' only serviceable game this year and Week Four against the Jacksonville Jaguars, where 48 yards rushing was attached from Peerman's fake punt on special teams.