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Cleveland Browns Looking To Avoid Franchise Record 12-Game Losing Streak

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The Cleveland Browns beat the Jacksonville Jaguars 14-10 on November 20, 2011. Alright. Seriously. Why should anyone care about this? The following week the Cincinnati Bengals beat the Browns 23-20, setting forth what amounts to be an 11-game losing streak entering Week Six. It's the longest losing streak in Browns history, tying 11 straight losses during the 1974-75 seasons.

Ironically Cleveland broke that streak in 1975 with a 20-point fourth quarter that led to a 35-23 win at home against the Cincinnati Bengals, who were 8-1 when they played on November 23.

However the current streak, dating back to last November, could set a franchise record with 12 losses if/when the Cincinnati Bengals beat the Browns.