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Michael Johnson Stalls Cleveland's Possession With Interception

Cincinnati opens the game with consecutive runs following Brandon Tate's 23-yard return to Cincinnati's 17-yard line; starting with an overloaded formation on the left where BenJarvus Green-Ellis picks up only a single yard. On second down from their own 17-yard line, Green-Ellis cuts back on a designed run up the middle and picks up six yards to the 24-yard line. Quarterback Andy Dalton fakes the handoff on third and three, rolls out to the right and targets tight end Orson Charles in the flats. Defensive end Jabaal Sheard knocks the football down at the line of scrimmage, forcing the Bengals into a three and out.

Here we go again.

Following a 62-yard punt (wonder if the wind helped), the Cleveland Browns start by taking advantage of rookie Trent Richardson's ability with four straight touches. The first two were uncovered receptions for 17 yards combined, followed by consecutive runs for a one-yard loss (Geno Atkins and Robert Geathers make the stop) and a four-yard gain to the left with a nice backside tackle from Reggie Nelson.

Third and seven from the Browns 34-yard line with 11:02 remaining in the game, Brandon Weeden takes the shotgun snap and floats the football over a trailing Terence Newman, hitting a wide open Josh Cooper for a 28-yard gain to the Bengals 38-yard line and the first down. Tremendous efforts on first and second down sets up another third and nine from the Bengals 37-yard line, where Weeden floats a screen pass to Chris Ogbonnaya, trailing great blocks for a 10-yard gain and the first down.


Weeden takes the first down snap with 8:50 remaining in the game and targets the right. Geno Atkins deflects the football at the line of scrimmage, where Michael Johnson hauls in the punt-like football for the interception.