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Browns Convert 41-Yard Field Goal; Bengals Hold Lead 14-10

There were many three-and-outs as the Bengals and Browns played back and forth for the first half of the 3rd quarter. The wind played in the Bengals favor with a shanked punt by Browns punter Reggie Hodges, but the Bengals were unable to capitalize.

It wasn't until several back-and-forth possessions that Browns Josh Cribbs returned a punt for 60 yards, placing the Browns comfortably on the Bengals 30-yard line. As expected, the Browns put the ball in the hands of rookie running back Trent Richardson which resulted in a 5-yard gain. On the next snap, Vontaze Burfict made an excellent play and tipped Brandon Weeden's pass, resulting in an incompletion. Under pressure, Weeden attempted to convert the 3rd down by rushing up the middle but falling short.

Kicker Phil Dawson was able to convert a 41-yard field goal, cutting into the Bengals lead with the score now at 14-10 in the 3rd quarter.