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Bengals Andy Dalton Interception Leads To Phil Dawson Field Goal

Now that their seven point advantage has been reduced to four points following Phil Dawson's 41-yard field goal, the Bengals resume on offense from their own 20-yard line following a kickoff that sailed out of the back of the endzone.

Following a three-yard scramble and incomplete pass near the left sidelines on a backside throw, Andy Dalton takes the third and seven snap from the Bengals 23-yard with over seven minutes remaining in the third quarter. Dalton scrambles out of the pocket and the football is deflected on a pass intended for A.J. Green, where Joe Haden picks off the football and returns it to the Bengals 25-yard line.

Cleveland was unable to pick up the first down, following a Robert Geathers quarterback sack on third and one, forcing Phil Dawson to convert a 38-yard field goal, further reducing Cincinnati's lead to one point.