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Browns Punch In Goal Line Touchdown Giving Them 20-14 Lead Over Bengals

After the Browns converted a second field goal in the 3rd quarter, the Bengals began their drive on the 20-yard line after a touchback. BenJarvus Green-Ellis was given two opportunities to gain yards on the ground, but was only able to contribute 1 yard total. The Bengals were faced with the dreaded “3rd Down,” and predictably couldn’t convert the down with an incomplete pass.

On their scoring drive, the Browns completed several passes for decent chunks of yardage. The Browns tried to find a way for former college quarter back, now NFL wide receiver, Josh Cribbs to throw the ball and confuse the Bengals defense; it didn’t work, at least not in the air. Cribbs ended up running the ball to the right for an 8-yard gain, giving the Browns a 3rd and 1 opportunity, which Weeden was able to convert with a quarterback sneak.

Brandon Weeden completed a pass to Josh Gordon for 14 yards, placing the Browns on the Bengals 13-yard line. Brown running back Chris Ogbonnaya pushed through the middle of the field and rushed just short of the goal line. Faced with 1st and goal, the Browns handed the ball off to Montario Hardesty for no gain. The Browns continued to attempt punching the ball through the middle on the ground, and Hardesty ended up taking the air instead as he took a leap over the line for a touchdown.

The Browns currently lead the Bengals 20-14.