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Mike Nugent 44-Yard Field Goal Reduces The Browns Lead 20-17

One could argue that quality field position helps the Cincinnati Bengals, but this offense earns the worst of worst grades when capitalizing with great field position.

At least they inched a little closer biting into Cleveland's lead.

Following the kickoff that angled out of bounds before reaching the endzone, the Bengals take their first snap with just under 15 minutes in the fourth quarter from their own 40-yard line. Following a quick A.J. Green slant that gained 16 yards to Cleveland's 44-yard line, the Bengals called BenJarvus Green Ellis' number on three consecutive runs, converting a third and one with a four-yard gain to the Browns 31-yard line.

Green was flagged for an offensive pass interference with 13:13 remaining in the fourth, pushing Cincinnati back to Cleveland's 41-yard line on the ten-yard penalty. A Tate 11-yard reception and Peerman four-yard catch sets up a third and five from the Browns 26-yard line with 11:20 in the game. Dalton targets Jermaine Gresham over the middle, who falls over.

The Bengals have converted only four of 13 third downs (31 percent).

Mike Nugent converts the 44-yard field goal to reduce Cincinnati's deficit to three with 11:11 remaining in the fourth.