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Andy Dalton Fumbles, The Browns Recover

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With just over five minutes left in the fourth quarter, and a 10 point deficit, the Bengals had to rely on any opportunities they could find to stop the Browns from driving down the field and eating up the precious minutes the Bengals could utilize on offense. Fortunately for the Bengals, the Browns went three-and-out. In addition to a crucial Bengals defensive stop, the Browns called a timeout during their drive, allowing a valuable 4:13 left in the 4th quarter for the Bengals to begin their drive. The Bengals had two timeouts remaining.

Andy Dalton was orchestrating an efficient offensive drive. He was hitting his receivers for multiple intermediate passes down the middle of the field, barreling the Bengals offense down the field with a threat to score. Then, Andy Dalton lost the football.

Browns defensive end Emmanuel Stephens tackled Dalton on his blind side, causing Dalton to lose control of the football. Defensive tackle Billy Winn recovered the football for a 36 yard fumble return.

The Browns still lead the Bengals 34-24.