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VIDEO: Talking About The Bengals After Falling To .500

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After the Cincinnati Bengals lost to the Cleveland Browns on Sunday, we take a long-term approach to the Bengals season.

Following Cincinnati's loss and an hour or so of decompression on Sunday, I didn't so much go into a rant, but explored that the loss to Cleveland concerns me. And this is the important part you should note. It's not so much that they're 3-3 right now. Obviously there's ten games remaining and anything can happen. That much everyone acknowledges simply by looking at the schedule and knowing well enough that the league is wacky enough that certainty in the NFL is completely unwelcome.

It's how they're playing right now that's the concern. Andy Dalton is not sharp right now, he's holding onto the football too long and he's receiving NO help from receivers dropping footballs with a nonexistent running game. Forgive me as I rambled a little bit.

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