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NFL Week Seven Power Rankings: Dropping So Fast It Defies Gravity

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All it takes is two bad losses and the Bengals risking a drop outside of the top-20. That's the fragile world of NFL power rankings.

Just two weeks ago the Cincinnati Bengals were knocking on the door among those that ranked inside the Top Ten. Now they're on the edge of falling outside of the Top-20, despite there being only two winning teams in the AFC alone. That's what happens when you lose consecutive games to teams with a combined 1-8 record when facing them.

On average the Bengals dropped 4.5 spots after their 34-24 loss to the Cleveland Browns.

SB Nation 17 13 18 17
CBS Sports (Pete Prisco) 18 11
ESPN 21 15
Fox Sports (Brian Billick) 19 13
Pro Football Talk 18 16
Pro Football Weekly 20 16
Associated Press 20 14
AVG. 18.9 14.4