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Fantasy Football Sit/Start Advice Week 7: Which Bengals To Play

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With the recent consecutive losses from the Bengals, fans have plenty of reason for frustration, disappointment, and anger. There's one positive takeaway: The Bengals still have fantasy football producers on their squad.

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Things could be worse: Imagine if I was assigned to write fantasy football advice for the Jacksonville Jaguars ("Start: Maurice Jones Drew, Sit: Everyone Else").

Redeeming quality or not, the Bengals do have some starters this week. Here are our recommendations:


Andy Dalton: Dalton should be considered a bye week fill in, as usual. He'll more than likely have a solid fantasy performance as the Steelers are below average in points allowed to quarterbacks in fantasy football. The Steelers are struggling with injuries defensively, and Dalton will be doing everything he can to chase the scoreboard by airing it out. Dalton is the 8th highest scoring quarterback on the season so far, but he'll more than likely hover around the top 15 for Week 7. Once again, he's a premium bye week plug in at worst.

Jermaine Gresham: Gresham has been steady as of late. If you're in PPR leagues, he's been predictable with a steady shot of 5 catches a week on average. If you're in standard leagues, Gresham certainly isn't a head-turning producer, but he's the 9th best fantasy football tight end in most formats. Unless you have a tempting match up play elsewhere, I'd plug Gresham in against Pittsburgh.

Andrew Hawkins (PPR Only): I'd bench Hawkins in standard scoring, but if your league rewards a point per reception, Hawkins is always an interesting flex option. Hawkins hasn't found the end zone in a few weeks, and I don't know that he will against Pittsburgh, but I'm hoping for a bit of a rebound after not giving the ball to Hawkins hasn't exactly give the Bengals many wins. Consider this my last Hawkins recommendation until he produces from here on out.

A.J. Green: Trivia Question - So far this season, who is the highest scoring wide receiver in fantasy football for standard scoring leagues? What about Points per reception leagues? The answer to both is A.J. Green. Start him.

Mike Nugent: Don't lose sleep over kickers. I don't. Either way, Nugent is solid.


BenJarvus Green-Ellis: Even though the Steelers are struggling with injuries as of late, BenJarvus Green-Ellis is not to be trusted. The Bengals could possibly try the run game early on to keep Pittsburgh's Defense honest, I simply don't trust Green-Ellis enough to figure he'll get the yardage. If you're dealing with a DeMarco Murray injury, or a Jamaal Charles bye week, then plug the Law Firm into your line up and sweat out an elusive BGJE touchdown.

Bengals Defense: I've enjoyed recommending the Bengals defense over the past few weeks, but the recommendation to start them ends this week. Pittsburgh will score enough points and there are much better options available this week where I can't recommend starting Cincinnati this week. It may be painful enough watching their defense on Sunday night. Save yourself the additional heartbreak.

Look. Don't Touch.

Cedric Peerman: I don't have the highest of hopes in the world of fantasy football for Peerman, but he did put up decent fantasy points primarily due to his 76 yards on 8 catches that largely happened in the 4th quarter. If Green-Ellis continues to struggle, Peerman will minimally be a stop gap solution. Keep an eye on Peerman, but don't touch him unless you're in extremely deep leagues.


Armon Binns: If you actually have Binns on your roster, feel free to drop him. He's been a non-factor, and even if he does put up a good game from here on out, he's too difficult to trust.

Discuss your fantasy football dilemmas in the comments below. For other Sit/Start or Trade questions, feel free to chat with me on Twitter @AndrewFoxMiller.