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Cincy Jungle Mini-Podcast Special: Listen To The Interview With Former Bengals Linebacker Dhani Jones

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We spent a little time catching up with former Bengals linebacker Dhani Jones. He will be talking to us about his thoughts on the 2012 Bengals and some of his life ventures after football. Check out the interview that is linked in the post!

Jim Rogash - Getty Images

We at Cincy Jungle were excited at the opportunity to speak with one of the fan favorites in Bengals linebacker Dhani Jones. As expected, life after football has been busy for the longtime NFLer and he has a number of business projects to his name and he joined Cincy Jungle's Anthony Cosenza on Thursday morning to catch us up.

We're all familiar with his show "Dhani Tackles The Globe" and now he has a couple more irons in the fire. He's currently working with Gillette Odor Shield to team up with them and their "My City Is My Gym" campaign. The idea behind this campaign is to encourage men to take their workouts outside and use their outdoor surroundings to take their workout to the next level.

He joined us to talk about the 2012 Bengals at 10:45 AM EST on Thursday to let us know about all that he has been up to. Have a listen and enjoy! Jason Blanton and I also took about 15 minutes to talk about last week's loss against the Browns and this week's matchup against the Steelers. A big thanks to Dhani for carving out some time from his busy schedule to join us!